Yorkshire Dales as viewed from Pendle Hill
Yorkshire Dales as viewed from Pendle Hill

Dr Rob Low has 20 years professional experience as an environmental scientist, researcher and consultant, specialising in hydrogeology and wetland science.

After obtaining a BSc (Physical Geography) and an MSc (Environmental Management), he specialised in hydrogeology by researching the dynamics of dissolved radon in the Chalk aquifer of East Anglia for his PhD, subsequently undertaking post-doctoral research on the controls and dynamics of groundwater storage in the Chalk.

As a consultant, Rob initially concentrated on developing his expertise in hydrogeology, and worked on a wide range of projects including large scale groundwater resource assessments (conceptual and numerical modelling) for both public supply (in the UK) and mine water supply (internationally), hydrogeological impact assessment, design and supervision of aquifer tests and investigation of smaller-scale hydrogeological problems.

Over the last seven years, Rob has concentrated largely on developing his expertise in wetland science and eco-hydrology, through carrying out a wide range of projects, mainly for public sector organisations such as the Environment Agency, CCW and Natural England. He has carried out projects which have included: investigation and characterisation of wetlands; design, installation and operation of wetland monitoring schemes, hydrogeological impact assessment for wetlands under various national & international legislative drivers; contributions to national guidelines and policy relating to wetlands; contributions to the scientific literature on wetland and related hydrogeological science.

Rob is managing director of Rigare Ltd which is an independent company established in 2008, with the aim of providing high-quality expert consultant and research services in the areas of groundwater and wetland science. Further details on the services offered and project experience can be found at www.rigare.co.uk.